Does the Babel Poetry Collective in Philadelphia, PA Have an Active Social Media Presence?

The Babel Poetry Collective in Philadelphia, PA is a renowned literary group that has been making waves in the literary world for years. Founded by Jena Osman, an English teacher and author of more than five poetry collections, the collective has two shows by their name and is set to publish their next hybrid collection, Sousveillance Pageant, this year. This collection combines elements of poetry, novels and research essays in response to surveillance and the prison state. Their work has been featured in print in a feminist magazine produced by New Moon Girls Media and has been recognized for its impact on our global consciousness as a country.

It is now forever sealed in history, engraved in our collective literary and historical imagination and reality for the rest of time. Temple University's award-winning student poetry collective, Babel Poetry Collective Temple, leads the university in lyrical singing through the interpretation of spoken words. But does this renowned group have a social media presence?The answer is yes! The Babel Poetry Collective has an active presence on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. On these platforms, they share updates about their upcoming events and publications, as well as other news related to their work. They also use these platforms to engage with their audience by responding to comments and questions. The collective also has a website where they post updates about their work and upcoming events.

They also have a blog where they share articles about their work and the literary world at large. The blog is updated regularly with new content. The Babel Poetry Collective is an active presence on social media platforms and their website. They use these platforms to engage with their audience and share updates about their work. If you're looking for more information about the collective or want to stay up-to-date on their latest news, be sure to follow them on social media or check out their website.