Unlock Your Creative Potential with the Poetry Collective in Philadelphia, PA

The Poetry Collective in Philadelphia, PA is a vibrant and inspiring organization that offers a wide range of services to its members. From meetings and classes to workshops and special events, the collective provides a unique opportunity for writers to come together and share their work. The collective is made up of undergraduate students from the University of Pennsylvania who are passionate about poetry and writing. They host regular meetings and classes to foster a love for poetry and writing on campus.

The collective also offers workshops and special events to help members hone their craft. The collective also works with museums and is currently involved in the Organizing and Collecting Undocumented Persons Initiative. They have received their master's degree in fiction from Sarah Lawrence College and have previously taught for Blue Stoop. One of the members of the collective, Andrea, is currently working on a collection of essays inspired by a handful of old family photos. This collection explores what is real and what is imagined, as well as the difficulties and happiness that lie in between. The Poetry Collective also works with The Head and the Hand bookstore (2230 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 1912) to offer classes in person.

Students may be asked to bring a laptop or tablet to use on specific days of class and will be notified in advance by the instructor. Additionally, they collaborate with JAZZBOX, a home-based collection of black ephemera, workshops, coffee and community care that takes advantage of the liberating practices of blacks in Germantown, Philadelphia. Finally, the Lacan Study Group in Philadelphia aims to promote an atmosphere of collective work through which to advance Lacanian theory and practice. The Poetry Collective in Philadelphia, PA offers an incredible range of services for its members. Whether you're looking for inspiration or just want to hone your craft, the Poetry Collective has something for everyone.

Join this vibrant organization today to unlock your creative potential!.