Awards and Recognition for the Babel Poetry Collective in Philadelphia, PA

The importance of Jones has been proclaimed revision after revision of his 12 published works, including 5 novels, 2 short story collections, 3 poetry collections, 1 play and an anthology of critiques. Lynne Thompson, an award-winning poet from Los Angeles (California), is the author of three poetry collections, including Fretwork (Marsh Hawk Press, 201), which won the Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Prize; Norton), which won the Barnard Women Poets Prize; and Rookery (Southern Illinois University Press), which won the award for the first book in the Crab Orchard series of poetry. Jena Osman, an English teacher, is the author of more than five poetry collections and founder of the internationally renowned literary magazine Chain. Sousveillance Pageant, his next hybrid collection to be published this year, combines elements of poetry, novels and research essays in response to surveillance and the prison state.

Torres makes an inventory of his own multi-part structure, reviewing the papers he has sketched in other collections. He will film a ten-day poetic residency at a low-income high school, predominantly native to Hawaii, collect writing samples from these workshops, create comprehensive study plans, film a two-hour professional development session for teachers, and publish all of these resources on a website that will be publicly available. Crystal Wilkinson, poet Laureate and Kentucky Fellow, is the author of the Perfect Black poetry collection (University Press of Kentucky, 202) and of three works of fiction. Her prizes and awards include the Pink Poetry Prize, the Furious Flower Poetry Prize and the College.

Her poetry collection From the Belly of My Beauty (1999) won the American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation. Levine is the author of four poetry collections, including Small Disasters Seen in Sunlight (LSU press, 201), winner of the Northern California Book Award in Poetry. The Babel Poetry Collective at Temple University is an award-winning student poetry collective that has been recognized for their outstanding work. The collective has received numerous awards and recognition for their work.