The Art of Poetry: Open Mic Readings for Poetry

Poetry Slam is an art form that is performed in public, usually in the form of open microphone events. If you've ever been to a local coffee shop or bar, you may have seen a crowd of people listening to a poet read their work.

Open mic readings

are free or require a small additional charge, and are open to anyone who wants to share their poetry in a public setting. These events often feature a featured reader or writing workshop, and there is usually a sign-up sheet for anyone interested. At an open mic night, each poet is given the chance to stand in front of the microphone and read one or two poems.

It's an opportunity to listen to all kinds of poetry, for new poets to read their work and get feedback, and for the community to come together. Slams are competitive events, where performance is just as important as literary skill. The audience acts as judge, providing instant feedback in the form of applause or boos. At these popular events, you can read your own original work or favorite pieces, and listen to featured poets on a monthly basis. Poetry Open Mic Nights provide poets with the opportunity to present their works outside of a competition or “slam”.

Everyone is welcome to participate, but poems should not contain language that is inappropriate for the family. Time limitations will be imposed to ensure that all readers can take part. We continue with Poetry Open Mic Nights, poetry evenings that have been a tradition since This House of Books was born. Even if you come just to listen, open mic nights are a great way to celebrate poetry all year long.